Sharing tips make $150 per month with Chitika and Linkbucks

Sharing tips make $150 per month with Chitika and Linkbucks

You have to know how to make money with linkbucks or make money with Chitika, today I will show you how to combine the two ways to make money.
Today I would like to write an article with the same newbie like me it is a difficult problem how to have a steady source of capital for investment in new long-term projects such as amazon or clinkbank money ... requires building and SEO time, and money to maintain and Domain hosting services. But I think you should not see this as the key target involved, although making money online you have more income from 100-150$ per 1 month for 1 hour per day to make money from this.

Tip make $150 per month

1) You do not take a long time, after that it was done throwing money at regular intervals will keep your money and increase daily
2) The cost of maintaining and initialized to 0
3) You are a potential client, with its themes to the game and their own software so you can insert your amazon product on.

Initialize the Blog
Here I use the free service blogspot.com
Because: good seo, index fast, comfortable custom not limited to, support multiple themes all in one seo.
you remember the domain name in english offline initialization, the domain name also decide your search engine rankings, for example: http://downloadgameforandroid.blogspot.com.

Take data from other blogspot sites
When you define a page to be written on blogspot platform, then you can get the data off of it to put on my blog and know (the blog owner is also subject to the full data mode or not)
You can go to google and search keywords: game blogspot, game android blogspot, software blogspot...
Google will find a series page on the blogspot  for you. If you go to see a lot of traffic and then that data is good.

Import data into Blog
How to import data into your blog
After data you just imported and select the data mode the post immediately.
Then go to google webmaster tool to map this site is very important it will help your blog on google fast there.

Now the tools to help make money every day, I refer here to play the simple income at money drawback is not much (like I just finished up there every day and $5 balance and host).

a) Linkbucks - this dish is a shortened link for our site to collect data on the number of posts can be up to 2-3 thousand more than even all that sitting insert the link, the hunchback always, I choose linkbucks because it integrates the entire site code ie every link in your site will now be converted into linkbucks all.

Make money with Linkbucks

You can see how to make money with LinkBucks: Make Money With LinkBucks

After you register on Linkbucks/CreateLinks/FullPage you will receive a code to paste script brought it before the </body> tag in your blog template.

b) Chitika.com behind only ad network google adsense, Chitika why his choice for the new site can not play google adsense, Chitika physician google a bit more easygoing and not afraid to be original unless doctors nick play it on xxx sites.
Chitika will also help you earn a lot of money if you know how to invest it.

Make money with chitika

You can see how to make money with Chitika: Make Money With Chitika

You to register and then paste the code into the Script brought it under card data: post.body. Your site have three cards like this in your template and paste it into the finally card offline.
To find the card you just press ctrl + F and paste on the card and then enter it.
the two networks are paying through paypal so you have to register paypal okay.

Your blog is so people will know about you go "seo" your site for better first put into https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=vi
then the site you created /optimize/sitemap/ Add check sitemap /
paste this code into:
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500
If you have 1000 all the more stickers:
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 501 & max-results = 500

- You can go to plus.google.com join the tens of thousand gaming group members up to all of you that they will be very crowded.

"- When I copy the content of other blogs, so google can not block your account?"
I also had a draw and experience "to participate in a whisper" to each blog to a maximum of 2000 all ok,
10k all up before his / blog 1thang and locked.
please give your blog a deleted domain name because when you have a few minutes to recover.

Bonus - you have a comment at the bottom said "important seo blog abound out there" to share the care you two tools "

2/ IMSlave Link Blaster

Wish you a lot of money from this tip.